Rumblefish launched its API in private beta in the first quarter of 2011 to make it easy to integrate copyright-cleared music into any web or mobile service. Here’s a basic overview of services to help get music into your web or mobile app quickly. Rumblefish is here to collaborate with you on new integrations and would love to showcase/promote your app.

Music Catalog
The Rumblefish Music catalog is the world’s largest music catalog for social media as well as the most licensed independent catalog in the world. There are over 750,000 songs under license from labels and artists in over 30 countries. Consumers and professionals alike have taken well to the catalog. Over 4 million social soundtracks have been licensed.
Dynamic search tools will help your users rifle through music with keywords that search playlists and tracks, along with available metadata. Numerous music attributes including genre, mood, tempo, date added, primary instrument, etc. are also searchable and additional filters are provided to refine searches as your users seek out that perfect soundtrack.
It’s hard to find that perfect soundtrack. One of the easiest and most popular way for users to find exactly what they’re looking for is editorial playlists. Updated constantly, playlists are hand-selected by the editorial team and based on common or popular creative themes. Think: Holidays (Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Halloween), current events (planking craze, royal wedding, rapture) and important occasions (weddings, graduations, birthday). Give your users access to Rumblefish featured weekly playlists or playlist searches for valuable handpicked results.
Music Rights
Music is 100% copyright-cleared and available worldwide. Both commercial and non-commercial uses are available for consumers and professionals. If music licensing makes your head spin, fear not, the Rumblefish team will walk you through the proper licenses needed for any particular use case.
Interested in learning more about our API? Check out the docs.
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