LANDR Taps into HFA’s Rumblefish to Clear Digital Licenses

Photo by master1305 on Freepik

Montreal, QC and Los Angeles, CA (June 27, 2018) – LANDR, a leading AI platform for musicians, and HFA’s Rumblefish, the nation’s leading provider of music industry rights administration services, announced today an arrangement that will provide with a seamless and fully transparent back-office solution for rights administration. With this arrangement, LANDR will be able to offer to LANDR-distributed artists and labels a free service via the platform to assist them in obtaining licenses for their cover tracks.

Securing rights to record and deliver cover tracks to a digital service provider can be daunting for an artist, but LANDR’s free and easy path to record and distribute cover tracks allows LANDR-distributed artists to focus on making great music. Using Rumblefish’s services, LANDR will handle the licensing of the cover tracks and make royalty payments to the publishers, all at no cost to the artist.

“The community is made up of almost 2 million members and we are always looking for new ways to make artists’ lives easier,” said Pascal Pilon, CEO, LANDR. “Last month we launched a new Samples collection, a few weeks ago we added AI-driven Album Mastering, and today we’re adding a free service for licensing cover tracks. We have an awesome community and are very excited to utilize Rumblefish’s back-office solution to make recording and distributing cover tracks easier than ever before.”

“We are thrilled that LANDR has chosen to rely upon HFA’s Rumblefish administration expertise for the expansion of LANDR’s distribution service to include cover songs,” said Michael Simon, President and CEO of The Harry Fox Agency and President of Rumblefish. “LANDR’s technology gives musicians a whole new way to extend themselves creatively. And by securing HFA’s services, LANDR will be able to take advantage of the most comprehensive musical works database and administration platform in the market.”

With over 8 million tracks mastered through LANDR, its proprietary AI audio processing engine has been battle tested by over 1.7 million users to understand and identify the nature of any incoming content, whether songs, spoken word or variable music genres. The knowledge base of LANDR’s AI mastering engine has been built up to accurately master each track according to its essence, and furthermore can master an ensemble of tracks so that an album carries common properties that fit together cohesively.

Rumblefish’s preeminent music rights and data management platform is designed to simplify licensing and streamline administration. Rumblefish will provide license support, data management, royalty calculation, and publisher payment services.

LANDR is the world’s leading AI platform for music creators, offering a full suite of tools to help artists collaborate, master, distribute, and promote their music. LANDR supports the entire lifecycle of music creation and sharing, by empowering artists to create and get heard. LANDR is partnered with a long list of industry heavy-hitters, from pros like SACEM, iconic gear manufacturers like Shure, Pioneer, Avid and Roland Cloud, to major digital stores like Spotify, Google, Apple and Amazon.

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