Visit Rumblefish at a Metaverse-Inspired Music Tech Expo

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New York, NY (October 25, 2021) – HFA’s Rumblefish, a leading provider of rights administration services for the music industry, is pleased to announce it will be participating in Music Tectonics, a conference focusing on music, technology, and business. Music Tectonics will be presented as hybrid event with live panels and a metaverse-inspired virtual expo hall. Using spatial audio, the virtual-reality space will enable ticket holders to create their own personalized avatars and interact as a computer-generated community. Rumblefish will host a booth in the virtual trade hall and meet one-on-one with interested music tech companies in their avatar forms to answer questions about music administration.

Rumblefish looks forward to speaking with companies that have a vision for a new music-related offering or for expanding their current music offerings. Rumblefish’s corporate group has more than 90 years of music rights experience, deep relationships with the publishing community, and offers rights management assistance to today’s innovative music distributors. Our clients include premier streaming services, music distributors, tablature and lyrics companies, labels, fitness and other apps, background music companies, karaoke, AR/VR, online video services and more.

“Come check out our booth in the metaverse,” says Lauren Apolito, SVP of Strategy and Business Development at Rumblefish. “Music Tectonics offers a unique virtual event platform for Rumblefish to connect with music innovators and be a resource for music licensing, data and royalty administration needs.”

To learn more about Music Tectonics, please visit

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