Rumblefish and 7digital Provide Turn-key Solution for Music Distributors

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New York, NY and London, UK (Jan. 23, 2019) – Rumblefish, a division of The Harry Fox Agency and the nation’s leading provider of rights administration services, has expanded its relationship with 7digital, the global leader in B2B end-to-end digital music solutions, to collectively power and provide rights clearance and royalty administration services for innovative music distribution models including audio-visual uses, gaming, AR/VR, mobile apps and more. These services expand upon both companies’ long standing history of servicing clients with on-demand, audio-only streaming models.

With this expanded collaboration, Rumblefish will leverage its complete rights management solution, that spans from publisher license issuance to data management to royalty services, to expedite service launches and streamline administration for emerging music distribution models – both for major global brands and innovative startups – that are powered by 7digital’s content and technology. This powerful combination of trusted companies provides a one-stop-shop to launch or expand a music service offering.

7digital is the global leader in B2B end-to-end digital music solutions. The company has worked with clients and partners around the world since 2004 to transform the listening experience, providing technical infrastructure and global music rights to create music streaming and radio services. 7digital has launched over 200 music services globally, for customers including consumer brands, mobile carriers, broadcasters, automotive systems, record labels and retailers.

“We’re delighted to be deepening our relationship with Rumblefish and the team at HFA to negotiate the complex world of music rights on our customers’ behalf”, said Stacey Mitsopulos, Director of Legal and Business Affairs, and Music Partnerships at 7digital. “This partnership will not only help music streaming services to launch and expand quicker, it will also enable innovative models in other sectors to use licensed music in their offerings and deliver value to the music industry”.

“7digital has been a Rumblefish client and HFA licensee since 2012, and we’re thrilled they have chosen to extend and expand our relationship,” said Michael Simon, President and CEO of The Harry Fox Agency. “Our collaboration will enable more companies to thrive in the music distribution space.”

In addition to digital service providers, Rumblefish supports all type of music distributors including video streaming, labels, gamers, AV/VR, mobile apps, background music, lyrics, tablature, karaoke, and more.

About 7digital:

7digital is the global leader in B2B end-to-end digital music solutions. The core of its business is the provision of robust and scalable technical infrastructure and extensive global music rights used to create music streaming and radio services for a diverse range of customers – including consumer brands, mobile carriers, broadcasters, automotive systems, record labels and retailers. 7digital also offers radio production and music curation services, editorial strategy and content management expertise.

7digital fosters industry growth and innovation by simplifying access to music for clients such as MediaMarktSaturn, Onkyo and From years of being the largest independent producer of programming for the BBC and powering services for partners like Panasonic, TDC and Fender, 7digital is perfectly positioned to lead innovation at the intersection of digital music and next-generation radio services.

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